Photo AI: A New Dimension To The Outdoors

Photo AI: A New Dimension To The Outdoors

It’s been a long time since I last posted because I’ve been holed up for the past year and a half working on a photo AI tool to help organize my photos.

Just the other day, I came across this article in SF Gate: Poison hemlock is growing across the Bay Area: Should you be worried?

While I haven’t been doing many destination hikes lately, I do walks around my home several times a week. During one jaunt, I decided to do a test on what I thought was wild carrot. To my surprise, it ended up being….

It works!

If you want to add a new dimension to your outings, give the app a try! It’s only been out for a week. Unlike other photo AI apps, it:

  • Recognizes multitudes of plants, birds, reptiles, fungi, and mammals
  • Gives an image rating to help with making those instagram moments
  • Doesn’t require network connectivity. Many parks don’t have good cell reception.
  • Works in realtime with your iPhone camera

Get it on the app store!

CrossPrism Nature

CrossPrism Nature

Download on the App Store

Oh ya, it also recognizes oceanic life: should you (and your iPhone) ever find yourself underwater 🤿 or at an aquarium.🐟🐙

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