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Crockett Hills – Soaring Eagle Trail

Crockett Hills – Soaring Eagle Trail

Little known Crockett, just below the Crockett Hills, on the south side of the Carquinez Straight is a little known town, rich in history as the headquarters of C&H Sugar Company. Up till 2017, The “California and Hawaii” Sugar Company shipped cane sugar from Hawaii into Crockett where it refined it for consumption across the rest of the country.

The hills rise just above the town, providing fine views of the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta and San Francisco Bay.

Total distance: 3.24 mi
Total climbing: 827 ft

Crockett Hills Essential Info

Length: 3.2 miles
Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gain: 788 ft
Web Page:
Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm (later in spring/summer)
Dogs OK

Getting There

Crockett Hills Regional ParkThe Crockett Hills are located south of the town of Crockett which is just below the Carquinez Bridge. The hills are bisected by the Cummings Skyway (and some nav systems will erroneously direct you to an address off of this road) but the main entrance is off the much smaller Crockett Blvd.

Depending where in the Bay Area you’re coming from, you can either take 680 or 80.

From 680

To get there via 680, take 680N to Highway 4W. Exit at Cummings Skyway. Take Cummings Skyway for about 2 miles and turn right onto Crockett Blvd. After approx 2 miles turn left into the Crockett Hills main parking lot.

From 80

Take 80W and take the Pomona Street exit located right before the Carquinez Bridge.

Turn left onto Pomona Street towards Crockett. Turn right onto Crockett Blvd and after only a couple hundred feet, turn right again into the Crockett Hills main parking lot.


The Trail

Crockett Hills Soaring Eagle Trail

Starting out from the parking lot, you’ll pass an old barn and apiary on the way to the trailhead. Take the Crockett Ranch Trail and ascend up the hillside.

Checkpoint: Tunnel Underpass

From the underpass, stay on the right side where the Soaring Eagle Trail will fork off.

After traversing the hillside and passing by numerous westward vantage points, the trail will eventually intersect the Sky Trail.

Turn left on the Sky Trail to return to the underpass.

Once you go back through the underpass, turn right onto the Edwards Loop Trail which will ascend for a few feet before descending down to the Edwards Creek Trail and returning to the parking lot.

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IPhone X and SLR comparison at Jack London State Park

IPhone X and SLR comparison at Jack London State Park

The Age of the iPhone

It’s hard to beat the portability and versatility of an iPhone. Not only do I use it to take pictures, but it also uses GPS to track my hikes, recording location, elevation, and distance traveled.  I can then use the GPS data to tag the pictures take from my 80D which lacks automated geo-tagging.


Of course, a camera phone still has a long ways to compete with the huge and heavy 100-400mm zoom lens (on an crop sensor and with a 1.4X extender too!) I use for most wildlife closeups. But what about landscape photos?

iPhone X

  • Images shot using Photo mode
  • Shot in HEIF and subsequently converted to JPEG

Canon 5D mk 4

  • 24mm f/2.8 IS USM
  • Shot in A+ mode (Auto exposure and Auto Area focus mode)
  • Shot in RAW and converted to JPEG after processing in Lightroom

All photos downsampled to 1000px horizontally. 667px vert for Canon, 750px for iPhone.

The Photos!


Fern Lake

Canon 5D mk 4
Canon 5D mk 4


iPhone X
iPhone X


Ancient Redwood

Canon 5D mk 4
Canon 5D mk 4


iPhone X
iPhone X



Canon 5D mk 4
Canon 5D mk 4


iPhone X
iPhone X