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Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Discovering the Tranquil Beauty of Sugarloaf Ridge State Park: A Hiker’s Journey

Nestled in the heart of Sonoma Valley, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park offers an idyllic escape into nature, showcasing Northern California’s diverse landscape. For those yearning for a day of adventure and tranquility, the Bald Mountain Trail to the waterfall loop trail presents a fulfilling itinerary through the park’s rich ecosystems.

Essential Info

  • Length: ~7 mi. Total. ~5 miles for Bald Mountain – Hillside Loop, ~2 miles for Waterfall Loop
  • Time: ~3hrs.
  • Ascent: 1360ft.
  • Difficulty: Intermediate (elevation and stream crossings depending on month)
  • Cost: $10/vehicle regular, $8 Seniors.
  • Hours:  6 AM to 8 PM
  • Pets: No dogs allowed
  • Address: 2605 Adobe Canyon Rd, Kenwood 95452

Getting There

Map to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

From the East Bay: Closer to 680, take 680N across the Benicia Bridge to 780W to 37W. Closer to 580 take 580W across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge to 101N to 37E.

From 37 turn onto CA-121N at the Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point). CA-121N continues straight into CA-161W at a 4 way stop. Drive straight into Arnold Dr (do not veer left onto CA-161). Continue on Arnold Dr until reaching a traffic circle where you’ll need to take the first exit (right) onto Agua Cliente Road.

Proceed along Agua Cliente Road to a traffic light and turn left onto CA-12W. Proceed for ~8mi through Glen Ellen and Kenwood. Turn right into Adobe Canyon Rd located just after the Chateau St Jean Winery. This road brings you into Sugarloaf Ridge State Park.

The Hike

Begin your adventure at (1) the main parking lot, 400ft from the fee kiosk, and make your way to the paved Stern Trail. Shortly up from Stern Trail, take a right to embark on the (2) Bald Mountain Trail.

The Ascent: Climbing Bald Mountain Trail

The Bald Mountain Trail beckons with its expansive vistas. Wander through a tapestry of grasslands and oak woodlands, with the path’s outset offering a soft introduction. Along the way, the vineyards of Tesseron Estate occupies the hillside of the far view.

Here, a solitary flower amidst the verdure stands as a testament to the park’s serene beauty—a symbol of the peaceful solitude that Sugarloaf Ridge bestows on its visitors.

Western Buttercup

Continue onward to (3) Vista Trail, descending gently to meet the (4) Gray Pine Trail. Then, (5) cross the creek to join the (6) Meadow Trail.

Through Meadows

As the trail unfolds through the meadows, revel in the openness around you, where wildflowers scatter across the landscape, adorning it like jewels. The whisper of leaves and the sporadic chirping of birds provide an aural backdrop to the visual splendor, with fleeting glimpses of wildlife captured in brief photographic moments.

The Observatory

Robert Ferguson Observatory
Robert Ferguson Observatory during night time event

Approaching the observatory, veer left onto the (7) Hillside Trail, circling back towards (1) the parking lot. For those drawn to the sound of cascading water, head towards the visitor center and pick up the Pony Gate Trail, which leads and merges into the (8) Canyon Trail.

The Waterfall Loop: A Refreshing Finale

The journey peaks as you make your descent toward the waterfall loop trail. Transitioning into a realm where the lush canopy thrives on the nourishment of water, an enchanting image of a waterfall awaits—a spectacle of water flowing over rocks, illuminated by streaks of sunlight. The waterfall’s melody entices you to pause, soak in the beauty, and be enveloped in the refreshing ambiance of the waterfall’s embrace.

Reflecting on Nature’s Wonders

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park is more than a hiking destination; it’s a journey through diverse landscapes, each with its own story and spectacle. From the lone wildflower at the trailhead to the expansive views from Bald Mountain and the soothing sounds at the waterfall, each step offers a unique interaction with the natural world. The park is a reminder of the peaceful coexistence of various life forms and the subtle, profound beauty that unfolds when we step out and explore.

IDs of encounters during the hike courtesy of CrossPrism Nature:

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