Jack London State Park – Return to Sonoma

Jack London State Park – Return to Sonoma

Fire Recovery

With the recent devastating fires in Sonoma and Napa counties now past, these regions are now on the rebound. Offering scenic wineries, great food, and fine hiking, this fall is a great time to pay a visit! The little known Jack London State Park offers a great way to stretch the legs before or after a great meal.

Fall Colors

California isn’t known for its seasonal variations or fall colors. But a visit to this park may change a few minds, as the yellow and red colors of the vineyards contrast with the constant deep greens of the background redwoods. Maple trees line trails, past an old man-made lake, through streams and to an ancient giant Sequoia.

Right now the normally $10 parking fee is being waived until Dec 31st of this year.

Jack London Beauty Ranch in Sonoma
Jack London Beauty Ranch



winery ruins
The active vineyard through the old winery ruins


fall grape vines
See the lush fall grape vines

The Hike

This time around, we took the lake trail up to the Upper Fallen Bridge trail out to Fern lake. We then returned via the Ashbury Creek and vineyard trails.

California Towhee
California Towhee gazes across the vineyard


Fern Lake
Fern Lake



Ancient Redwood
The famous Ancient Redwood. A Giant Sequoia within Jack London State Park



Kenwood Vineyards
Kenwood Vineyards at Jack London State Park




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